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Sprouts Nursery PlaySchool in Stratford applies Montessori methodologies to craft a nurturing educational experience. Our mission is to cultivate an educational environment that encourages children to grow intellectually, socially, and emotionally through innovative teaching methods.

Innovative Montessori School

Sprouts Nursery PlaySchool in Stratford and Black Rock is redefining early childhood education through its unique Montessori-based curriculum. Located in the heart of Fairfield County, this educational haven is dedicated to fostering the holistic ...

The Benefits of Montessori in Early Years

Sprouts Nursery PlaySchool emphasizes the benefits of Montessori education in the early years by providing a structured, reality-focused learning environment that is highly effective for young children. Maria Montessori developed the principles that ...

Choose Sprouts Nursery PlaySchool for Your Toddler

At Sprouts Nursery PlaySchool, we blend time-tested educational philosophies with innovative teaching methods to provide your child with a holistic early education experience. Our commitment is to foster an environment where young minds flourish through exploration, creativity, and personal growth. We offer:

Holistic Curriculum

We blending Montessori methods, focusing on practical life skills and imaginative play to stimulate both cognitive and creative development.

Engaging Environments

Our educators, passionate and experienced, personalize learning to nurture each child’s academic and emotional growth.

Dedicated Educators

Thoughtfully designed classrooms and outdoor spaces at Sprouts Nursery PlaySchool facilitate safe, hands-on learning and sensory exploration.

Discover Exceptional Early Education

Explore a world where education meets imagination at Sprouts Nursery PlaySchool. Join us in Stratford and see how our unique Montessori approach shapes the future of learning. Dive into an environment that nurtures every aspect of your child's development.


  • 3442 Fairfield Avenue, Black Rock neighborhood, Bridgeport Connecticut, 06606
  • Stratford, Connecticut, Paradise Green neighborhood, 06614

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